Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Little Wild One

as you leap n crawl
in a bid to get ahead
these wings on your body
leave us in utter dread

you have ZERO fear
no absolutely none
no idea of the dangers
that lurk at every turn

but what a little fighter
a warrior through n through
no obstacle large enough
for teeny tiny you

we pad you with pillows
while you sleep (at last)
but you climb over those
n you clamber super fast

so we lay you down to sleep
on good ol' mother earth
but it's only cruising higher
that fills you with much mirth

it is with cheeeeky grin
that you pounce upon that wire
n never have i seen
such random desire

but as i gaze n gaze upon you
my muse my lil' fixation
you remind me of no less
than the human condition

us humans yo so stupid
we set our sights so high
we don't know how to do it
but we gotta bloody try

n i watch u with such pride
- that often turns into horror
at ur disregard for physics
my wild-hearted explorer

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